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New b3 Kitchen Systems from Bulthap – the holistic kitchen

Bulthap pride themselves on their holistic solutions in modern kitchen design. With their newest b3 Kitchen System they’ve created a light-weight looking minimalist design that strongly incorporates ergonomics and functionality.
The first impression to capture you in the b3 Kitchen System would be the new cabinet fronts in plank wood effect, aluminium and laminate. The plank wood veneer creates a distinctive and natural environment. The natural wood grain ripples between light and dark shades making an ever-changing surface crafted from apple, ash or American walnut. The plank wood effect adds depth and warmth creating a kitchen with strong character. The new aluminium and laminate fronts feature a wood edging which adds depth and contrast to the overall design. In the aluminium particularly, the edging creates a striking dynamic. The juxtaposition of materials produces a space in which a broad mix of materials and styles are at home. Bulthap have used their experience in quality edge finishing to create a minimalist modern kitchen that still generates a visual interest.
The b3 design has also embraced a new seamless worktop which creates the illusion of being cast from a single mold. The worktop becomes a very sculptural and unifying element in the overall design. Into this, the newly designed hob integrates with their award-wining water point to create an ergonomic cooking environment. The b3 design uses a unique laser welding method to create a recessed gas hob that becomes a seamless and sculptural aspect of the worktop. The linear arrangement of burners is extremely practical; there is no need to reach over boiling pans and all four burners are easy to monitor. Just as the worktop seamlessly flows from cooking to water point, so shall your cooking experience be smooth and uncluttered.
The final piece in their system is the frameless glass front units. The units personify the light-weight design language the b3 strives for. The translucent white glass radiates light, while creating depth and interest. The translucent glass hints at the units’ contents without revealing them, creating a sensual curiosity. The units create space making a kitchen or room feel more open and inviting. Bulthap have created a kitchen which is distinctive and dynamic. The b3 system takes minimalism and allows the materials to lift it to the sublime.


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