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Neve Brick Glas Faucet – light inside of a faucet

[Industrial style faucet]
We think Neve Brick Glas would be just a little too much for a contemporary house… But imaging an industrial type decor with exposed plumbing pipes, a lot of open space…, and here it is… this faucet sticking out with blue light… It can be a beautiful setting in some downtown loft. It is a very unique design and a good conversation topic. On first look, clear Neve brick faucet doesn’t even look like a faucet… more like a lighting fixture but come closer and see water coming out of it… Available in red, green, orange and blue light. The Brick Glas comes in opal, frosted glass and transparent. To create a bigger statement the transparent would be the best… Transparent also makes it look comfortably smaller brick than it is … Neve Rubinetterie

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Neve brick glas colors


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