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Natural Skin Kitchen by Minacciolo: Industrial and Sleek

natural skin kitchen minacciolo nature technology 1 thumb 630xauto 48472 Natural Skin Kitchen by Minacciolo: Industrial and Sleek

Natural Skin is composed of meticulously chosen and sourced materials that create a traditional feel within a modern aesthetic. The worktops are all exclusive to the kitchen and have a slimline feature with thicknesses from 2 to 20mm.

natural skin kitchen minacciolo nature technology 2 thumb 630xauto 48474 Natural Skin Kitchen by Minacciolo: Industrial and Sleek

Natural Skin can include Domino Tomato appliances which are exclusively designed for Minacciolo and feature a black base color and tomato red knobs.


We love how the hot and cold taps are defined by the tomato red and black shades.


The cabinets can be composed into large monolithic structures to subdivide zones, removing the need for architectural walls.


The cabinets are not exclusive to a kitchen but can be used throughout your home for such purposes as storing china in your dining room – or paperwork in your office.


In the kitchen, Natural Skin is the perfect choice for pantries.


The doors within the cabinetry are available in a variety of finishes from wood to whole color shades – each with a strong tactile character. There are also a variety of worktops in several different materials.


The doors and drawers completely envelope the black structure. The clear geometry of the cabinets is enhanced by discreet metal inserts.


Aside from natural or stained wood, the Natural Skin door and drawer fronts are available in colored high-density wood composite boards that are fire resistant and water repellent. The outer layer of the doors and drawers can also be finished in fabric with a tough innovative coating.


The various finishes to the cabinetry are all made with a resin that has been treated with a nanotechnology to create smooth and matte, anti-fingerprint, scratch and abrasion resistant, water repellent and antibacterial finishes.





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