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Multi Level Floor Plan Adds Interest

multi level floor plan interest 3 Multi Level Floor Plan Adds Interest
If you can, adding multi levels to an open floor plan can add a superb amount of interest. Not to mention, it’s a great way to designate living areas without using walls, panels, curtains or rugs. Everything can stay open and flowing while clear distinctions still get made. This home, designed by Rodriguez Studio, shows just that. The space itself is wonderful; really modern and industrial with clean lines and a nice organic touch thanks to the exposed brick and ceiling beams and splendid wood floor. The color scheme is also warm and makes this grand space feel homey. The kitchen makes quite a statement and elevating it like that really puts all its awesomeness right on display. Even though, generally the space is open, the multi level floor plan gives the eye many interesting places to rest. Visit Rodriguez Studio for more info.

multi level floor plan interest 1 Multi Level Floor Plan Adds Interest



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