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Multi Functional Blomp Coat Hook by Cathro Design

One part art, one part hook and one part storage is the best way to describe the fun pops of wall mounted color otherwise known as the Blomp Coat Hooks. Designed by David Cathro for Cathro Design, these multifunctional sculptural forms are handmade from polyurethane resin.

Their forms remind me of Sea anemones reaching out from their underwater home, looking stunning with their gaping mouths hoping for some unsuspecting critter to come within reach – only in this case the critter is your hand depositing a wallet, keys, sunglasses etc. It’s a fun design that just happens to be super functional.
The Blomp Coat Hooks are 16.5×16.5cm with a narrowed opening to hold whatever item is deposited within.
Available in a multitude of colors, each member of your family can have their own hue or two.
Even if its just you, a row of Blomp Coat Hooks in different colors is a fun way to create art out of function.
Cathro Design


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