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Futuristic Minimalist Family House

Austrian architecture firm Project A01 took a futuristic approach to this contemporary family home near Vienna, Austria. Villa Freundorf reminds us more of a spaceship than a house, featuring a white palette outside and in with a clinical, uncontaminated aesthetic that looks almost too perfect to be lived in. The multi faceted white facade features wide bands of windows that break up the monotony of its monolithic exterior without compromising the home’s minimalist nature. Peeking through the large expanses of glass, white minimalist interiors don’t dirty the spotless exterior. The uniform white palette is visually enhanced by crisp lines and unexpected angles, which lend this contemporary style home its ultra modern character.

In spite of its futuristic, out-of-this-world style, the house maintains its earthly connection by virtue of being built right into the rolling landscape.
A pair of “arms” are outstretched, inviting you in to explore.
Only on closer inspection can you truly appreciate this home’s complex, multi-faceted facade, which coupled with sparkling glass, reminds us of a shimmering crystal formation.
Through the glass and past the gauzy, dream like curtains, minimalist interiors and much what you’re expect from the home’s exterior: bright, white, and awesomely angular.
Diagonal lines dash across in the windows, staircase, columns, and the kitchen island – one of only a few non-white elements inside.
The shape and material of this island transforms it into a sculptural feature, instantly drawing your attention and awe.
In spite of the cool, all-white decor, the home has a romantic feel to it that oozes elegance and delicate sophistication.
No home is complete without a fireplace – even an unconventional, ultra-modern house like this one! A clean white chimney floats atop an open firebox, giving the structure a certain raw quality to its open flame. This contemporary style fireplace sits the center of this open concept space, surrounded by sofas that are plush yet polished, all at once.
The glass walls continue from the public living areas and into the private bathroom, which is beautifully open and airy. You almost feel like you’re in the outdoors as you sit and soak in the deep freestanding tub. The glass enclosed shower maintains that openness and connection to the views.
The sliding glass walls are massive, seamless panes that offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. The pristine white floors continues from the living areas out onto the patio.
Like interiors, the outdoor entertaining areas are simple and cool with one key focus – the pool.
Beyond the pool and patio, the garden offers serene, green scenes visible throughout the house, thanks to its generous use of glass.
The sloping site seems to bring nature to every level of the house, putting the velvety green ground within easy reach…
… Even from the upper level terraces!
This chic house is indeed a livable sculpture – modern art amidst the natural rolling landscape. What an unexpected find among the trees!
Project A01 Architects


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