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Lakeside Home has Faceted Windows on Cantilevered Volumes

Located next to a small lake, Aviator’s Villa was designed by Urban Office Architecture to abstractly resemble deconstructed aviation components such as the fuselage of a plane – all exposed to the elements and the view of those passing by. Created for a retired pilot the home continues the idea of flight within its three primary spaces which are a large 30 foot high living/study and kitchen/dining element, a 40 foot cantilevered bedroom suite and a library volume perched on thin pillars. The positive and negative spaces of the home are a stunning architectural installation that is further enhanced by its own reflections within the backyard swimming pool. Layered into this geometric composition of light and shadow is the many faceted angles of the home’s glazings that create a sense of constant movement similar to that within the rippling water below.

Just a few feet away from the residence, the small lake continues the water theme, but in a much larger format. From the lake Aviator’s Villa – while demanding of attention – sits peacefully within the landscape thanks to its various angles, planes and voids, in fact the access bridge on the left is barely noticeable.
The access bridge passes over the lake before arriving at the residence and from this angle the home presents a narrow, bulging profile whose glazings appear to be sliding down the side of the building.
The home is oriented for maximum exposure to sunlight but to ensure the sun’s rays are not too strong within the inner cores, the glazings are mounted on riveted metal frames and are also screened with perforated metal sheets or brise soleils.
The 3 main volumes of the home are all connected by an outdoor stairwell that is surrounded by hidden spaces such as an outdoor dining area just under the corner of the library. The steel balustrade of the stairwell continues the theme of metal but zazzes up the steel with a bold yellow powder coated handrail.
The library if filled with aviation memorabilia and the owners book collection.
While the library features many wooden elements, the living room only features wood on the low console next to the couch but does introduce an additional shade of wood via the soft leather on the lounger.
In the top volume, the Master Suite features a central core that encases the closet and internal stairwell. While the sleeping area is on one side of the core element, a seating area and ensuite is on the other. There is also a small guest bedroom and bath located on the far side. The central core is a dramatic black as is many other elements in the room. Layered in with the black is the copper light shades, chrome columns and the stunning faceted windows. What a room, what a view, what an awesome piece of architecture.
Floor plan of private volume up top.
Floor plan of the social volume as well as the library volume beside it. The inner core within the library leads up to the Master Suite.
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