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Crisscross Shaped Cabin Designed around Central Fireplace

Cabin Norderhov by Atelier Oslo is located just outside the town of Honefoss in the Norwegian Krokskoen forests on a steep slope with amazing views of the surrounding forest and the pristine Steinsfjorden Lake. The slope exposes the site to strong winds and for this reason the cabin has been designed in such a way that there are spaces for outdoor living that are open to the views and sunshine while at the same time closed off from the prevailing lakeside winds.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen

To create shelters for the outdoor living areas the architects at Atelier Oslo designed the footprint of the volume in a crisscross shape with 3 of the outstretched building arms kinked for additional protection.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
Inside the home the four building arms converge on a central axis marked by a suspended fireplace.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The interior is designed as an open, fluid and organic space with minimal wall divisions and the few that exist are finished in large, bulbous and curvaceous statements.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The curved walls and ceilings are one continuous surface that has been clad in 4mm birch plywood.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The floor changes levels as it follows the natural terrain and the architects have used these varying heights to create natural transitions for the various zones.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
Glazings in the living and dining areas have their frames hidden from the interior to create a greater sense of connection to the landscape beyond.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
Expanding on the outdoor connection is the design of the fireplace, which is meant to resemble that of a campfire in the great outdoors – centrally located and offering a place to gather and share.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The fireplace with its central location is visible whether sitting or lying nearby or at a distance – it can even be enjoyed from outside.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen.
As much as you can enjoy the fireplace from a distance, it is not until you are up close and personal with it that you can truly appreciate the work of the CNC machine. It is extremely difficult cutting wood flooring around octagonal shapes but with the use of the machine it is a perfect job.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
Can you imagine how cozy it would be to sit around this indoor campfire sharing stories and meals while all around outside in the winter the snow falls peacefully to the ground?
Image credit: Jonas Adolfsen
Similarly how beautiful and inviting to see the glow of the fire on a chilly summer’s evening from the outside looking in.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
While the interior spaces are fluid and free flowing, the exterior presents a completely different aesthetic with its four arms projecting outward – one even cantilevering over the steep slope.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The geometric composition is intricate requires multiple angles within its cladding and just as with the fireplace hearth, the use of a CNC machine allowed an accurateness that translates into minimal waste material.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
Since the structures’ construction elements are mainly made from prefabricated materials, the body of the cabin was created off site and transported in. The benefit of this is that the landscape remained largely untouched in the process.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
The main structure is laminated timber with a substructure of CNC milled Kerto construction plywood.
Image credit: Lars Petter Pettersen
The large glazings overlap their frames, exposing the glass edge in the process.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
The structure is supported by steel rods that have been drilled into the rock face. Additionally a s mall concrete foundation under the fireplace offers additional stabilization.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
The undisturbed landscape and the slight void under the home, the various angles on the facade and the weathered cladding – both horizontally and vertically – creates an aesthetic of a boulder sitting in situ for far longer than Cabin Norderhov’s short life and it’s a credit to Atelier Oslo, and the main contractor “Byggmester Bard Bredesen” for their ability to accomplish this.
Image credit: Atelier Oslo
Atelier Oslo


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