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Moroso Sushi Collection new addition – Sushi Divider

The Moroso Sushi Collection has a new addition called the Sushi Divider. The collection is inspired by a sophisticated wrapping concept with a variety of layers. These seem to bring to mind qualities a sushi roll (the food) may have, don’t you think? The new Sushi Divider shares the beautiful and specially made fabrics and patchwork layers, typical of the rest of the collection. These patterns in particular hint at Moroccan style damask in a way. The divider is a high back seating solution which, when sitting in, encourages your own little world to grow around you. The Sushi Block is a nice addition to the chair, so you can put up your feet and just chill. For additional info, visit Moroso and see the whole collection.
via Archiproducts.



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