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These Washed Velvet Beauties are Moresque Chairs by Anthropologie

The muse for the Moresque lounge chairs is a traditional Turkish rug, which are revisualized in washed cotton velvet. As beautifully bold as these three chairs appear here, you will be amazed at how much more vivid and stunning they are when seen in person.

moresque-occasional-chairs-anthropologie-2 .jpg
The Moresque features a multitude of colors, making it easily adaptable to most color schemes. Vibrant and colorful as it is, the lush velvet upholstery also makes it oh so comfy – perfectly relaxing as a bedroom chair but just as exciting for your living room. Wherever you place it, the intricate patterns will add depth to the room and richness to your home. Just read the reviews at the link below …
moresque-occasional-chairs-anthropologie-3 .jpg
moresque-occasional-chairs-anthropologie-4 .jpg
moresque-occasional-chairs-anthropologie-6 .jpg
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