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Molded Plywood Chair for Kids is Private Hideaway

This molded plywood chair for kids is the perfect private hideaway. From Think & Shift in New Zealand, it was originally designed for a child care company. They wanted to create a space where kids could get away from the noise, the hustle and bustle, the busyness of the day care environment. The company created a sacred space inside a chair. It has a comforting sense of enclosure, and fits up to two toddlers at once. Made of bent plywood, the upholstery is easily removable for cleaning. And we all know how important that is, especially when there are toddlers involved. The four, swooping semi-circular sections allow for plenty of child-friendly configurations inside the pod. Curled up, stretched out, sideways, on their heads – you know kids. The chair is uncommonly low to the ground, which tells your toddler right away that this is their space. Yet it also looks fantastic in your space with its modern aesthetic. You can’t beat that!

Via: designboom


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