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Modern Rustic décor the only decorating style your truly need

Why is it that when we think of decorating the home, there is always the habit of considering one decorating style alone? Though most of us always have a particular decorating style in mind, others do not. For those that don’t this article is specifically designed for you. Created to provide the perfect blend between being chic, charming and modern all wrapped into one. With that being said, here are a few modern rustic decorating ideas that will show you just how charming the style of décor is.

Modern Rustic Laundry Room

Bring as many wooden items into the room, when you want to bring that rustic vibe that enables the room overall.

Even though most homes already come with a laundry room, not everyone uses it properly, and those that do sure aren’t decorating it. Keeping that in mind, take your laundry room to the next level by blending both of these decorating styles and truly taking the room to the next level. Blend in pastel colors to bring that modern touch, but keep the rest simple and true to the room. This means you want to keep laundry baskets, or even rolling carts but you want to keep them as organized as possible.

Farmhouse Table

A large wood table is perfect for those that want to make a statement without overcrowding the room. Pair with stools to ensure the room feel sleek and grand.

Having the simple act of a farmhouse table in your kitchen can instantly make the room have a rustic touch. The key is working with as much wood as possible and pairing it butcher block countertops. These two materials will work the room beautifully, especially when you want to add a bold rustic touch to your kitchen area. Pair with modern tiling to truly make the room have that sleek contrast. Furthermore, the contrast will embrace the area even if it small.

Bar Cart

The lighter your wood cart the better, it will be for the room. It’s all about embracing the room in general.

If you want an item that is traditional and sleek yet modern and fresh having a bar cart is a way to go. There’s something unfinished about them that screams rustic. Furthermore, add a few vintage pieces such as metallic lantern or two and pair with flowers. Doing so will create the perfect entertaining area that you can travel with. Wherever you place it, there will be an instant rustic touch, that will feel seamless to the room. Stick to lighter wood as the lighter the wood gives that modern hint.

Stone Fireplace

If you want a more modern look, work in different size stones, for a more elegant vibe use stones in the same size range and perfectly displayed.

Everyone knows having a fireplace is key to create a rustic space. However, when you want to have a fireplace that is still quite modern yet rustic all at once, bring in a stone fireplace. Having a stone fireplace will get the job done while being modern and fun. While having a stone fireplace might not be as cozy, they do provide a second layer of modern allowing you to embrace the room’s new modern feel. Use different colored stones to make an impact where it matters most.

Reclaimed Wood

When working with reclaimed wood consider using different shades that make the room feel grand and cohesive.

One-touch you can blend seamlessly in the bathroom is reclaimed wood. Not only does it look pretty chic, and but it adds that rustic touch. The lighter the wood the more modern it will appear. Pair your reclaimed wood with brightening and modern touches to make the room feel sleek while creating a contrast that embraces the room, regardless of how big or small it is. If you have a smaller room, we suggest going for a smaller reclaimed wood item, so it doesn’t overpower the room in general.

Modernize the Kitchen

Use gray wood to make the modern hints feel as modern and intriguing to the eye. Gray wood is modern which is perfect for those that light a less overpowering approach. 

Make a bold move by modernizing the kitchen right when and where you need it most. Take a marble and blend it with metallic accents to make the room have that modernized aspect, pair this touch with large wood accents for that contrasting touch. As previously stated, it’s all about making the room feel balanced. You want the room to feel as sleek and modern feel while still having as many items in the room as possible. Don’t think “cluttered,” think valuables that make a statement all at once.

Upholstered Chairs

The darker the gem hue, the better pair with light cushions to embrace the room, and make it come to life.

Not everyone has been able to notice just how much of a big impression having upholstered chairs can make. Reason why you will notice not everyone has an upholstered chair anymore. They were used everywhere until they became too much; however, that is no longer the case. Bring in upholstered chairs in gem hues to provide that modern yet rustic bit that makes sense to the room. This season brings in a velvet material to allow the room to have a modern aspect, with rich hues that feel rustic.

Rustic & Open

Keep open shelving in the kitchen when you truly want to enhance all of your most believed pieces of decor.

Though rustic kitchens are always a great idea, as most of us love it. Not everyone likes to have that heavy closed-door aesthetic, which is why having open shelving works exceptionally well. If your kitchen is already rustic and chic yet you feel as if you are missing just a hint of modern, it’s time to bring in open shelving. Doing so will enable you to embrace the room, keep it airy and continue displaying only what you need, for the best outcome.

Keep it Neutral

For a neutral touch, embrace as much texture as possible to make the statement that is truly needed.

If there is anything that screams rustic and modern, all at once is neutral décor. Whether its due to how well the shades collide together or it’s due to how calming it tends to be having nude shades will bring in that nude aspect you want. Work in textured bits to truly make a statement and embrace the room overall. Consider using layering as the perfect format when it comes to keeping your décor chic and charming. It’s the contrasting bit that makes the room come to life.

Pendant Lighting

The larger your pendants in the area the better. It’s about embracing what you have and just filling the room with beauty.

When in doubt, of what light fixture to use bring in pendant lights. Pendant lights work exceptionally well due to how chic yet old worldly they feel. There’s something about them that feels unique and enlightening all at once. You can almost, consider these light fixtures timeless, seamless, and charming all at once. It’s all about the way you display them, work in two at a time, for that blended look that embraces the room overall.

As for a modern, rustic decorating style, it’s important to always consider the size of the room. Keeping that in mind, which of these are your personal favorite? Share with us below.


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