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Modern Rustic decor for the Martha Stewart in You

For every lover of rustic decor, there is a tiny bit that wishes there was a modern twist to such decorating style. Rustic decor is notorious for having key elements that instantly make a room come to life while feeling extremely rustic. With that being said, modern rustic is taking the spotlight and making rustic decor feel that much grander. The key is working with elements that are contemporary yet don’t take away from your rustic style. Here are a few ways you can bring a modern drive to your rustic decor.

Farmhouse Arrangement

When in doubt, bring in a brick wall. Doing so will brighten the room overall.

If you are a lover of rustic decor, then you know how the expressive farmhouse decor can be. It’s all about using key Elements that invigorate your space. However, instead of only using farmhouse decorative pieces and having them be the main focus we are looking at adding a modern twist. The modern bit being funky chairs. You want to have a classic farmhouse display and work in quirky chairs that create a striking display in the room.


For that airy approach bring in lighter chairs and have it become the focus of the room while still being chic and sweet.

For this idea, we wanted to bring a little something soothing that’s relaxing yet enchanting to look at- that is wood. To create an airy aesthetic, bring in as much blond wood as possible. Blond wood works exceptionally well due to making the room feel bigger no matter the size. The shade is so light it will instantly make the room come to life. Bring in a few planters, that add a refreshing vibe to the room.

Edgy Feel

Add bits of black for that daring, edgy approach that makes the room come to life with a chic bit.

Work in a few black elements, and pair them with dark metals to bring an edgy touch. It’s all about making the room having that rustic feel, but with a seamless edge. Furthermore, pair them with lighter shades to showcase that true rustic appeal, the room is supposed to have. Consider pairing with shades such as cream, gray, and lavender for a touch of color that’s quite minimal yet engaging.

Smaller Coffee Table

Pair your small coffee table with a large sofa for the perfect contrasting approach that makes any room come to life.

If you have ever paid close attention to rustic home decorating magazine, then you know most pages are filled with pages upon pages of charming living rooms. One thing these living rooms have in common is they always have a coffee table. Coffee tables are great due to adding layers of character, while still being useful. For a modern appeal bring in a small coffee table and allow it to be that “hmm” item in your living space. Doing so will instantly give the room a cool vibe.

Breakfast Table

Bring in a round breakfast table when you want to embrace a smaller space yet want to have an additional seating space.

Do not forget about the idea of having a breakfast space and truly embracing it. Though many of us, don’t consider the idea of having a separate breakfast space it can be quite liberating and useful. The idea is having an area where you can sit and thrive while having breakfast or simply getting some work done while you cook or simply hang out with some relatives.


If your fireplace isn’t functioning, consider using it for decorating purposes. Consider adding candles, or even flowers to the mix for the ultimate engaging aspect of the room.

If there is one statement piece you can have that will give you that instant rustic appeal it is a fireplace. Having a fireplace is not only a great idea, but it’s essential in a rustic room. The key to making it modern is working with your surrounding space. Whether you enjoy using your fireplace often or you would rather not use it at all, keep it as traditional as possible and work with modern bits for the rest of the space. Doing so will instantly give the room a grandiose, almost seamless approach.

Wood Walls

When it comes to having a wood accent wall, consider the shade of wood you want to use. Dark wood will bring an edge while lighter wood will make the room appear larger.

Though many aren’t fond of the idea of having wood walls as their main focus, it can be the perfect touch to any room. Not only will it instantly add a cozy feel, but it will make the room come to life. It’s all about immersing yourself in the idea of having a room feel as if you’re on vacation in a cabin every single day. Not only is it relaxing, but it makes any room feel new and fresh. Pair it with a patterned touch for a modern appeal.

Wall Art

Use art pieces that are charming and eclectic as you. Doing so will further enhance your decor while embracing the room seamlessly.

It’s all about wall art! Having wall art will instantly make the room feel more personal. Bring in traditional touches such as bringing wooden frames, or even animal horns. While it might seem a bit too eccentric for some it’s quite the attention grabber for others. Furthermore, pair it with an item of daring colored furniture to complete the look overall.

Which of these ideas are you most fond of? Share with us below.




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