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Modern Resort Style Home of Geometry and Glass

Brazil architecture firm Joao Diniz created this cool modernist home as a complex collection of geometric volumes jutting out into the landscape. Lined with balconies and expanses of glass, this slope house plan engages nature and captures the breeze without compromising its contemporary aesthetic. The bright white facade and sparkling glass make a cool contrast against the lush, leafy landscape that surrounds it. This luxury resort style home is something to be seen – and desired! Here’s the tour here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The house is a blend of vertical and horizontal volumes that bring a sense of balance to this multifaceted house design.
A “bridge” leads you across the slope and launches you into the landscape. The view is simply stunning – a snapshot of tropical trees and flowers, with the green water a stone’s throw away.
Bridging nature and architecture, a rich, natural wood patio welcomes you up to the house with its wide steps and rich earthy tones. Against the clean lines, white palette and ultra modern architecture of the house, any natural elements are only enhanced.
The patio is alfresco living and entertaining at its finest. A casual sitting, eating and entertaining area surrounding a semi-circular pool.
Behind the pool abstract Picasso-esque graffiti art adds an urban edge to this resort style paradise.
The transition from outdoors in is seamless, thanks to this covered, raised patio area that incorporates living, cooking and dining under its massive upward-slanting roof. We love this rustic style wood-burning fireplace tucked in the corner – an instant warm up for this outdoor living room.
Follow the roof to another dropped deck, and beyond it, more stairs leading you down the slope.
Interiors echo the variance in levels, as you enter a sunken landing open to the upper levels on either side. Glass walls overlook the patios and just on the other side.
The kitchen is warm, yet cool-ly contemporary, with sparkling black granite L-shaped countertop connecting to a wood-topped breakfast bar. This thoughtful layout leaves the kitchen open to the rest of the main living area, while clearly defining it as a separate space. The exposed concrete ceiling brings a rough, rustic aesthetic to the design.
The bedroom, though clean and serene by all accounts, boasts a strong connection to nature via glass walls to the walkout patio, and the window that reveals a snapshot of the sloping land just o the other side. The only thing sneaking a peek through this window are the birds and the bees.
At nightfall, the warm light emanating from inside sets the whole home aglow!

Joao Diniz Arquitetura

via Archello


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