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Modern Planter Delta from Lechuza

Plant-holders can be just as unique as the flowers they hold and should complement the settings they are placed in – The Lechuza-Delta planter is sophisticated contemporary, perfect for a chic and modern surrounding. This planter is a piece of decor on its own, and if left empty would still demand attention. The round cubical body engulfs plants like Snake Plants, Bamboo shoots or decorative twigs, and creates a column in a space. There is a liner inside the planter base, which allows the contents of the planter to be transferred with ease and little mess, if any at all. The sturdy lining is strong enough to hold the planter contents on its own, keeping the plants safe and wont’ fall over if placed down.

Anything that can be used for more than one purpose is ideal, multi-purpose is what people are looking for. Planters, pots, vases and storage containers are now being created as functional and fashionable pieces. Next time you look at a planter or vase, think outside the [storage] box to see if you can use it for more than one purpose. Designed by Lechuza.


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