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Modern Outdoor Pavilion with Fireplace and Ping-pong Table

This modern outdoors pavilion was built in a crowded residential neighborhood in order to create a private space where the owners and their guests can enjoy outside activities. The structure consists of a wooden deck, a wall that protects from the closest neighboring house and a roof that slopes towards the other side where it is supported by two metallic pillars. The wooden wall and roof are insulated by a double layer, so not only does it protect from sun and sight, but it can also be used during rainy days. The footprint is quasi rectangular. The roof gets narrower towards the right side in order to leave a totally open corner where people can enjoy the sun in all freedom. The rectangular brick fireplace serves a double purpose as well, that of heat source when it is colder outside and that of barbecue. The podium-like wooden deck is lifted at about 30 to 40 cm from the ground level, in order to protect it from floods but also to give identity to the space. The pavilion is fully equipped for dining and entertaining. There is a round table with white wooden chairs around it, and a long royal blue wooden bench which provides a lot of seating to those who want to enjoy watching a ping-pong game. A simple wooden swing hangs on ropes from the highest point of the roof. Two wooden desk chairs are there for those who want to sunbathe. They are placed on each side of a tree that seems to be growing straight out of the deck.

This essential looking swing will appeal to kids and adults at the same time, as it invites to both play and relaxation.
The dining table is the only round element in the geometry of this pavilion, along with the metal pillar that support the roof. It offers the advantage of being able to add or remove chairs depending on the number of guests.
The wooden structure is built in such a way as to offer maximum visual privacy.


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