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Modern Multi-Tiered Townhouse in Philadelphia

Set on Philadelphia’s populous Pine Street, the Grid House by the architects at Moto Designshop planned this modern multi-tiered townhouse to tackle the trouble of densely inhabited urban areas with style and architectural flair. Without the luxury to build out, this home’s efficient floor plan projects upwards from its 18-by-60-ft. footprint. Clean lines and expanses of glass draw the eye upwards along its three tiers, where you’ll find both indoor and outdoor gardens gracing each floor. The townhouse front and rear facades roll up, creating wall-less rooms that invite the outdoors in while infusing the living spaces with daylight and allowing for natural cross ventilation. A level below grade houses the garage, and when it’s time to go for a spin, an innovative lift brings the vehicle up to street level. Moto Designshop
via Inhabitant



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