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Modern Mid Century Dream Interior

This modern mid century home and its interior are just a dream, don’t you find? All the furnishings you see are vintage pieces (minus the BoConcept bed) that the owners have curated themselves. As if that’s not romantic enough, the story of this house’s resurrection will melt your heart. The current owners purchased this mid century home in a terrible state. It had had many owners, was abandoned for years and it was completely falling apart, but they were smitten. They tracked down the original architect and asked if the house could be salvaged. Arthur Witthoefft, the original architect who designed the house in 1957, informed them that the property had been built on solid rock and the steel frame was surely not going anywhere. That’s all the owners needed to hear. They hired him to help them restore the home as close to its original state as possible. Witthoefft (now 91 years old) wholeheartedly agreed. Imagine, you build a house, and more than 50 years later, you get asked by two passionate people who clearly appreciate your work and care deeply about where they choose to live, to restore your own project?! It’s full circle, it’s the circle of life – it’s awesome. And the interior is just magnificent – expressive, authentic, sublime. Loving the teal blue accent color in the living room and bedroom.
via Dwell.



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