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Modern Low Table Teso from Molteni is Made by Robots


A robotic arm presses and twists a metallic disk until the result is this table base. Talk about high tech. And this very cool looking table could well become another icon of furniture design. The glass top allows the design to be viewed from any angle. Available in brushed stainless, brushed brass or bronze painted finish, this table would accent any style room. It’s simplistic and complicated at the same time. And do you notice the intriguing shadows it casts when lit properly? The mesh metal makes the table look light and airy but the structural integrity has been carefully developed. Designed by the architectural and integrated design firm, Foster + Partners, we’d expect nothing less. A high-tech, high value, high-end coffee table. And built by a robot to boot.


The metal mesh creates interesting shadows.


More information: Molteni


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