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Modern Italian Leather Furniture by Michelangelo Designs – the Domus collection

Fabulous avant-garde designs that reflect architectural style in fine Italian leather, the Domus Collection creates unique and distinctive modern sofas. Bright sculptural forms sweep down from elegant metal frames juxtaposing bright shining metal with warm soft leather. This Italian Leather Furniture is full of vibrant fantastical designs which will add dramatic wonder to your living room. The bright blue Batan pictured features a sweeping profile with its distinctive armrests, while offering a ridge linear design. The light lime Ikos is an intriguing construction of floating rectangular forms, which can be easily adjusted to create formal or relaxed atmospheres. And the red Cayos stylises the traditional rolling armrest and has dramatic weeping legs, for a graceful and sophisticated sense of whimsy; while the plump red cushions promise plush comfort. With such a range of bold iconic sofas, this modern furniture collection by Michelangelo Designs is bound to have the ideal piece for your home.


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