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Modern Italian Artistico Table from Bontempi

This modern Italian table from Bontempi is dubbed ‘Artistico’ – for the piece of art it actually is. Lacquered metal frame legs are available in bright primary or monochrome color schemes to suit a variety of styles from primary playful to elegant and posh. Bontempi is a world-renowned high-end designer brand with quality manufacturing. Their clean lines are their signature and this outstanding design needs no centerpiece – it is the centerpiece. Atristico table tops can be glass or wood veneer, adding even more opportunity to personalize. And there’s even an expandable glass top available. This Italian table could be a desk or a craft station for the kids (not to mention the most elegant dining room table in the neighborhood). If you’d like to modernize your home, one well-chosen piece can do the trick. And with the Artistico table, your choice is are only limited by your imagination.

The Artistico tables are available with color or monochrome legs and a variety of tops.
More information: Bontempi


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