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Modern House in Istanbul, Turkey – Water-Inspired Design Overlooking Europe and Asia

Located in the Kurucesme region of Istanbul, Turkey, the amazing Flooded House designed by GAD Architecture sits on the channel that divides Europe and Asia. The exotic location is matched by the home’s striking design, which incorporated the significance of water to the area. A sandalwood frame rises four storeys on the 4,000-sq.-ft. property. The architects took advantage of the unique sloping property and actually built part of the home into the hillside. Large expanses of glass are framed by the home’s terraces and a large patio overlooking the outdoor infinity pool. The pool connects to the indoor pool via the ground-level floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Above ground, the home boasts the bedrooms and living areas, with the luxury master bedroom topping the structure. Nestled within the earth is the home’s the contemporary kitchen, dining room and a recreation room and gym, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows on the exposed side to allow for plenty of natural light. Porthole-shaped skylights flood interiors with natural light while creating unique focal points throughout the home. A green roof offers a view to the inside through these modern rooftop windows. GAD Architecture.



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