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One of a Kind Home Design in Traditional Disguise

The Peaks View Residence was designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects with two main objectives: to blend in with the existing conservative community, while fulfilling the homeowners’ wish for a modern, one-of-a-kind design. The architects created a multi-volume structure that offers all the living space (6,500 sq. ft. of it!) without the overwhelming scale. A pair of two-storey structures topped with gabled roofs offer a traditional look suited to the neighborhood. Between them, a single-storey pavilion visually connects the two taller volumes while creating a more-intimate welcome into this house.

This picturesque setting in Wilson, Wyoming is surrounded by grassy fields and the Teton mountains towering in the distance. This stunning view is maximized by the upward-tilting roof that invites the views into its glass-enclosed interiors.
The distinctive roofs hang over the home, creating a perimeter of sheltered outdoor areas for lounging and watching the world go by in any weather. Between the two double volumes, the central pavilion features an extended overhanging roof that launches the main living area into the outdoors.
A skylight, a couple of Adirondack chairs, blue sky and mountains – what more could you ask for in this countryside setting?
The three volumes take shape around a private courtyard which offers an intimate experience of nature within this rambling meadowed and mountainous region.
A modern, industrial-style spiral staircase looks like a ribbon of steel, winding from the ground to the upper level of one of the volumes – an alfresco take on the traditional stairway.
The cedar-clad house seems to recede into the countryside background, but for its contemporary touches of glass. By night, the home becomes a warmly lit lantern, illuminated only by the light of the moon and the glow from the fire pit.
A cast concrete fireplace rises into the sky, high above the rooftop – a beacon leading you home through the fields.
The warm, welcoming scenes visible through the glass invite you to enter and unwind by the crackling fire.
Enter into a foyer that is a blend of countryside and contemporary, with every comfort of home. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls illuminate interiors with warm sunlight, enhancing the honey tones of the dominating timber details throughout.
The glass walls also provide a wonderful view from virtually every point in this home.
Interiors are the picture of home, home on the range. The signature corner chimney that anchors the facade also plays a vital part inside, warming up the look and the atmosphere.
The fireplace is a nice traditional element – substantial in its statement of “home” but offset against modern touches like the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and contemporary lighting. The main living area is finished with timber floors and ceilings, and wood-framed windows – the perfect complement to the natural views just on the other side of the glass.
A dividing “half-wall” of rich wood cabinets separates the entertaining area from the kitchen workspace while providing stylish out-of-sight but easily accessible storage.
The kitchen is a scrumptious morsel. This intimate space features light wood floors, dark wood cabinets and ceiling, and a multi-toned brick-style backsplash with a rustic air. Of course, few but fabulous contemporary touches won’t be ignored, like the sleek stainless steel appliances and modern cabinetry hardware.
The strong lines of the ceiling boards always lead your eye back to the views.
Just off the kitchen, this small but sweet nook is a lovely spot for cherished family dinners – surrounded by windows.
Of course, if it’s a taste of the view you’re after, what better place to take in it than from this sheltered outdoor dining area?
A Kimono display was incorporated into the foyer, offering a bit of Far East culture and art to this western land of dude ranches and grassy meadows, which is reflected in the rest of the home. This open entranceway reveals a peek at the home’s warm wood palette, perfectly fitting of this location.
A staircase leading up is enclosed in wood slats that lets light from the glass wall on the other side flow freely through the space.
Further to this open aesthetic, this simple yet striking stairway features wood treads and an open rise, creating the effect of a floating sculpture that you can climb. As you step up the stairs, you get a good view of the area on the other side.
The wood-slat wall runs right up to the top floor on one side, while the expansive window wall encloses the other side – we are using the term “encloses” loosely here, with the natural views just on the other side of the glass you almost feel like you’re outdoors.
After a tour of the main floor, the bedroom follows suit with a palette of white and wood. The vaulted ceiling enhances this room’s sense of space, resulting in a roomy retreat for sleep, rest and reflection. A corner of windows delivers a flood of natural light and views – a perfect place for a sitting area, away from the hubbub of the main floor.
Even cowboys need a little luxury from time to time, and this spa-inspired bathroom is where it’s at! Delivering fashion and function, the white subway-tile backsplash and tub enclosure makes a minimalist yet modern finish to this bath.
Outfitted with a luxurious deep soaker tub and a shower, this bathroom offers everything in the way of pampered primping and prepping. The shower’s glass enclosure creates the illusion of more space while leaving an open view to the window and beyond.
This amazing walk-in closet is the picture of organized clothing and accessories – cowboy boots and all!
A bird’s eye view of the property reveals just how much living space there is in this humble home on the range.
Carney Logan Burke Architects
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