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Modern Fireplace from Palazzetti – 2 new modern designs

Palazzetti fireplace Alma in a room setting
A modern fireplace like these from Palazzetti makes a sensational statement in any room. Sculptural in effect, their intriguing forms enliven the environment and draws people in to enjoy socialising basking in the glow from the fire. The Alma fireplace, pictured above, is a particularly gregarious stove, being ideal for placement in the centre of a room. The Alma is a commanding, futuristic fire, made of cement-like material for high performance and lingering warmth. The Casablanca is a fire ideal for a romantic setting, perhaps in the bedroom or a cozy corner where you and a loved one can snuggle up. With a lovely, almost organic-effect grill, the Casablanca is striking without bearing overbearing. Bring the heat and good looks of the stunning Italian designed modern fireplaces from Palazzetti to room near you before winter sets in!

Palazzetti fireplace Casablanca
Palazzetti fireplace Alma
Palazzetti fireplace Casablanca in white


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