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Wood Burning Stoves from Palazzetti – the Camilla wood stove

A sharp modern Italian design, the Camilla wood burning stove from Palazzetti offers traditional features that have long been missing from popular homes. With an elliptical shape, the Camilla wood stove has a strong soothing presence and bold earthy colour. Featuring a extra thick cast iron firebox, these stoves are also self cleaning and include an easy to remove ash box for convenient maintenance. Beneath the firebox the stove has a large capacity drawer for tidily storing fire wood. Above the firebox in the domed section, the Camilla uses that fire power to heat a smooth steel oven. With beautiful clear pyroceram doors, this Palazzetti wood burning stove provides a clear view of both the raging fire and into the high oven. Available from Palazzetti for 3,970 EUR or $5,308, the Camilla stove brings cooking over the kitchen fire into the modern age.


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