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Modern Fireplaces from Planika – Architects Line Fires generate a warm welcome anywhere!

Planika fireplace
Incorporating the beauty of fire absolutely anywhere, into any interior or exterior, the Architects line of modern fireplaces from Planika is a fantastic solution to design needs. These fire ‘inserts’ are specially designed for the professional who wishes to add a natural fire feature without the need for a bulky chimney or vent. No mess, no fuss – the Architects line of fireplaces run on environmentally-friendly Fanola fuel which eliminates soot, ash and smoke! This means that the fireplaces can emerge, as if by magic, from within coffee tables or wheeled trolleys (as pictured here) or other pieces of furniture… a certain conversation piece. They are easy to install, odourless, and generate nothing more than CO2 in a proportion similar to a human’s breath. To add a stunning fireplace without all the headaches, contact Planika.
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Planika fireplace in wall niche
Planika fireplace - rolling cart fire insert

Planika fireplace detail
Planika fireplace - coffee table insert


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