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Modern Faucets by Teknobili – Oz bathroom & kitchen faucet series

An extensive range of modern faucets from Teknobili, the Oz bathroom & kitchen faucet series are suitable for use all around the house. A geometric look is achieved by balanced angles of the faucets, yet the pleasing looped design of the handles offsets the straight lines in the Oz bathroom & kitchen faucet series. Likewise, the cylindrical construction and occasional sweeping arcs (as seen below in the OZ113 CR kitchen faucet) provide a touchable and user-friendly appearance to the modern Oz series. Finished in gleaming chrome, the faucets can lend a smart, unified look to your decor. Matching Oz faucets are available for your bidet, bath or shower, and kitchen – to suit your own contemporary living space. Add this expressive collection to your home: the Oz bathroom & kitchen faucet series from Teknobili.



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