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Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas by Min | Day

This modern farmhouse designed by Min | Day provides great decorating ideas if you like the feeling of country decor, but you also crave that modern style. Let’s examine what it is about country decor that is so appealing and use this example to show how these elements can be incorporated into a modern minimalist setting. Country style is relaxed with an anything goes kind of attitude. That is probably the most appealing thing about it. A space in this style is inviting and cozy. Think over-sized rustic and worn furniture pieces, wooden floors, excessive pillows and accessories, patterns and antiqued metals. The decor of the featured space incorporates a lot of these elements but with a modern edge. The long wooden dining table with cozy bench seating and lots of pillows is a good example. Notice how this corner is kept modern by choosing a glossy finish for the wooden table, modern chairs and a monochromatic grey scheme for the pillows and bench upholstery. The wooden floors of the house are comfortable while the all white walls and ceilings keep the space fresh and increase the minimal feel. Displaying dishes and kitchen accessories on open shelving is also very country, but to keep the modern feel the items are all in one color – in this case white. The mudroom is also a typical concept in country homes. This one is made modern by the bold choice of orange flooring but the wooden paneling and the original farmhouse sink in the bathroom keep the country feeling alive. This home possesses a lot of features typical of country style – but each of those elements is modernized by keeping it sleek, smooth and uncluttered while toning it down on the colors and not using too many different patterns. A really great example of how country and minimalist modern can be coupled. Visit Min | Day to learn more about this farmhouse.



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