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Modern Concrete Tiles by Daniel Ogassian

We love concrete, not just as a tried-and-true building material but as an innovative new design element! These modern concrete tiles by Ogassian make a great addition to your home. The Optic tile design brings a wave of excitement to your walls – literally! With their free-flowing rise and fall, these 3D tiles must be touched to be fully appreciated. The Hex Ribbed tiles are more geometric as five-sided tiles, each boasting a grooved motif. The Malibu tile is more decorative, featuring a floral pattern that tends toward the traditional without compromising its modern edge. At the other end of the spectrum, Japanese Weave has a highly technical look with overlapping forms for added depth. And Japanese Geo looks like it’s about to leap right off its surface as a series of triangles of various proportions, protruding from the background. Available in customizable sizes, these versatile tiles can be painted to suit any style, any space. These concrete tile collections by Designed by Daniel Ogassian bring a new, touchable, three-dimensional appreciation to your decor. For more information visit Ogassian.



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