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Modern Bedroom Maximizes Urban Skyline View

This modern bedroom totally takes advantage of the urban skyline. It’s part of the design, really. To be able to lie in bed and see for miles and miles – can you imagine? The home, Chiltern House by WOW Architects, is located in Singapore. The master bedroom runs along the entire front of the façade, and the window is one long horizontal opening. It overlooks a water garden, as if the view itself isn’t enough to hold your interest. But the pond is more like window dressing – an add-on to an already spectacular vista. And the tree at one end is a lovely touch. The whole effect is framed by the window, creating the picture perfect atmosphere. The sunrise must be spectacular, if one is lucky enough to wake up in this room. With such an expansive view – city living does not get much better than this!

Via: HomeDSGN


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