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Modern Bathroom Interiors by Jaclo

A bathroom that is so sleek and modern, no one would want to hide it. This open-bathroom layout has a walk-in shower that is so practical and unpretentious in design, but completely stunning in result. It makes the showering experience easy and stress-free, as it should be. The clear glass panes of the shower allow the bathroom to become part of the rest of the living space, while also removing the claustrophobic feeling of most enclosed showers. The design of this bathroom has several very modern accents, as it incorporates Jacko’s newest Lumiere showerheads, Tondo and Quadro, which take the form of beautiful decorative lamps. It also highlights Jaclo luxury fixtures, such as the shower columns and rain showerhead. This extra touch adds that boost of elegance against a clean and modern slate. The spectacular view plays an important part in this design, as it allows the city landscape to naturally add an urban twist.



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