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Modern Bathroom Idea from Jacuzzi – Aura Bath is your choice for relaxation

Overall, there is something chic, urban and faintly Oriental about this modern bathroom idea from Jacuzzi. The rectangular shape of the Aura bath gives it an exotic, Eastern feel, as does the black rim that puts the idea of a piece of exquisite lacquerware in mind. Decking allows the bathtub to be recessed and creates a dramatic touch… The ascent to the decked platform on which the bath is mounted gives a sense of ritual, and cares melt away as you slip into the water. Stark black open shelving provides a sophisticated and inclusive divider from the bedroom. Echoing the geometric shape of the tub is the Aura sink, which is itself mounted on a high-gloss platform to great effect. The combination of red and black also reveals the bathroom’s Eastern inspiration, but with a touch of olive green, the look becomes distinctly urban… the colors complementing the cityscape out the window!


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