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Modern Bathroom Fixtures from Artceram – the new Blend

Here to prove once and for all that white bathroom fixtures can be surprisingly stirring, yet always refined: ArtCeram presents the modern Blend range. Designed by Marco Paolelli and Sandro Meneghello, this is a complete collection of bathroom fixtures for sophisticated tastes. It prides itself on fulfilling opposites: it is both ‘dynamic and relaxing, feminine and masculine, as cold and hot water flowing’. The unusual shape of the items flares out from the wall, becoming round and expansive. Or, the basin is available is three forms pictured here, including a free-standing vessel for use atop a vanity, or a rectangular sink that echoes the signature shape in its inner bowl depression. The toilet and bidet are likewise available in either floor-mounted or wall-mounted versions according to your preference. New from ArtCeram: the gorgeous Blend bathroom fixtures.



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