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Mirrored Armoire by Lyle and Umbach

lyle umbach mirrored armoire Mirrored Armoire by Lyle and Umbach
The Mirrored Armoire is simply stunning. It creates a dramatic illusion of space that disguises the cabinet and its contents. Rather than a heavy piece of furniture that imposes on the room, the Mirrored Armoire is a light frame that seems transparent. The rich Ebonized Mahogany structure frames bright mirrored panels. Reflecting the room around it, the Armoire can be mistaken for a simple decorative screen. A fabulous way to add invisible storage to a room, the geometric form gives a modern style with its glossy mirrors. A fabulous addition for any room, Lyle and Umbach also offer the mirrored furniture style in a long cabinet with a solid mirror top.

lyle umbach mirrored long cabinet Mirrored Armoire by Lyle and Umbach



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