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Minimalist approach to Traditional Silhouettes defines Botero Lights by Masiero

For those of us who prefer to leave dangling crystals for someone else to dust, this modern, urban approach to a chandelier is the perfect solution. I love how the post of the pendant is curvaceous in profile while it appears to twist around from top to bottom before disappearing into a half sphere base. Then, just to continue the visual of movement, graphic swirls leap forth balancing light votifs on their ends. I just love this Manuel Vivian design!

Even though the Botero Chandelier is definitely a contemporary design, the traditional elements referenced make it perfectly at home surrounded by antiques both gilded metal and wood.
The Botero Sconce is a mini repeat of the chandelier featuring two swirls and smaller cups supporting the bulb candles.
The Botero Table Lamp leaves the swirls behind but keeps the semi sphere motif by converting it into a shade over the twisted base. Its amazing how the similar elements within each light can be reinterpreted in such unique and different ways.
The Botero Floor Lamp uses the same elements as the table lamp but inverts the shade for uplighting and the effect is plane awesome. Whether pendant, table or floor, each light is a minimalist approach to traditional design made from painted metal with polyurethane arms and bulb cups.
Botero Collection by Masiero


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