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Wire Collection by Overgaard & Dyrman combines Saddlery and Metalwork

A stunning collection of seating comprised of a tubular framework and leather upholstery, the Wire Collection is as beautiful from its front as it is from the sides and back due to the intricate details created by hand that joins each row of metal tubing to the leather on the back, the curvaceous line of the armrests on the side and the soft Sorensen Leather on the front. Even the bases create a visually interesting profile beneath the seats themselves.

The detailing on the back showcases both handmade craftsmanship and modern manufacturing and the way the combination comes together in pattern and function is just amazing.
The combination of technology and craft is even visible underneath the chair – now that’s attention to detail!
The Wire Collection is available in either a clear coated brushed or black coated steel frame and comes in either a Yellowstone vegetable tanned aniline leather with a wax finish – meaning the colour will change with time, or an Elegance finish which is pure aniline that is tanned with chrome and then exposed to vegetable tanning process for a firmer finish.
The back of the Wire Collection features 3.5mm gull grain leather.
In both the chairs and the sofas the balance between functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics and manufacturing define the wire form and its purpose.
Each piece has been stamped with its own unique number.
With the Yellowstone finished Sorensen Leather the history of each animal is reflected in the leather’s patina and the natural aging that will occur within the finished piece will continue the story for chapters to come.
Elegance is made from the finest of hides, since it is pure aniline natural colour differences may occur on the selected hides, creating a unique and individual piece with each finished product.
A subtle mix of modern technology and handmade finish the Wire Collection challenges the synergy and contrast within its chosen materials.
Overgaard & Dyrman
Via Archi EXPO


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