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Minimal Office Space Ideas that are stylish & functional

Quarantine has most of us working from home with little to no motivation to get up and work in a boring space every single day. However, while working from home has become quite the task, changing up the space you work in can truly make a difference in how inspired you become. The key is simple, bring in a style that you like and fully embrace it in your office space. Here are minimal office space ideas that are functional and stylish.

Wall Mounted Desk

The lighter the hues you use for your home office the larger it will appear giving you that grand showcase

If you have a smaller office, keeping things on the floor is the last thing you want to do. That is where having a wall-mounted desk will come into play. Raising things off of the floor enables you to make the room feel larger while keeping a chic appearance. Keep your lamp and computer on par with your table for an exceptional appearance.

Colorful Chair

When in doubt consider a textured one tone chair for that bold aspect that makes the room come to life without taking away from your decor.

Just because a room is minimal it doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Reason why bringing in a colorful chair will instantly make the room come to life. The key is working with a chair that is smaller in structure yet is upholstered with a fun pattern that can instantly make the room come to life. It will be almost as if the chair instantly gave the space a boost of character.

Black & Wood

The darker shade will further showcase how expansive a room feels. It’s all about making the room feel fresh with a hint of texture.

If you want a minimal office yet must add an edge to it, use a black hue and work in blonde wood. The two might seem like they don’t blend well together; however, it’s quite the contrary. The right shade of black brings in a chic edge that will ultimately become the focus of the room, while the blonde wood will brighten the overall appearance. If you truly want to take it to the next level bring in a soft shade of gray.

Plenty of Storage

When it comes to storage, adding units that will embrace the room’s appeal will further showcase the room’s aesthetic while giving you more space.

Just because you’re going with a minimal style does not mean you need to only have a few items in the room. If you have an office that you’re working from regularly, you are going to have a ton of paper, pens, books, and notes everywhere. That is where having storage comes into play. The key is getting a tall unit that comes with ample banks of space where you can add files, books, and even extra shelving right where you need it most.

Double it Up

Having space for two people works great except when you’re on top of each other, which is why we love the idea of giving your office a bit of space between the two while still being on the same table area.

Let’s say you and your partner are both working from home and there’s only one room to work from- its time to get creative. And by creative we mean doubling up the space. This means taking your office wall and extending it enough to where you can have two tables, two chairs, and some separation between. It’s all about creating a space that both can work from without being in each other’s face. Consider it one of the easiest ways to work together while keeping it chic and minimal.

Chalkboard Wall

Use your chalkboard wall to make a huge difference in the room, by allowing it to be the main focus while being functional and easy on the eye.

If you’re one of those people who loves to keep a paper trail while working, you might want to consider a chalkboard wall. Not only do they look cool but it allows you to have one space where you can scribble down your ideas and goals of the day without creating a mountain of paper that is scattered all over the place. Furthermore, you can keep important notes directly in front of you.

Crisp Lines

Bring in unique lines to fully showcase what your office space can do and how crisp and clean it is. Work with wood accents to enhance the lines you’re focusing on.

It’s all about keeping it crisp and fresh when you’re on a minimal stand. You want to maintain the room as linearly as possible without being too frigid. Think of it as creating a minimal room while still having all the essential bits right where you need it most. Nevertheless, add a creative nook that has an unusual line that instantly draws your attention to that area of the room.

Dreamy Wood

Leave open spaces of wood to make the room come to life in an overall manner.

There is just something magical, dreamy, and exceptionally chic about an all-wood office. Not only does it make a room come to life, but it instantly soothes the soul. We love the idea of having an all-wood room that has been paired with wood furniture so that it appears as if you have entered a new dimension right in your home. Work with wood stools to keep it minimal yet embrace the room’s woodsy aesthetic.

Accent Color

The simple use of using one accent color makes a world of a difference in the aesthetic of the room.

As stated previously, a minimal room does not need to be boring, it can be everything you expect it to be and more with just a splash of color. Bring in a bright shade such as yellow, blue, orange, or even green and splash them around the room. You don’t want or need to have a bold showcase to make the space feel alive you can have a chic twist and instantly give the room that bold feature with a welcoming hue that embraces the room overall.

One desk Two Jobs

One long table can make a huge difference while still allowing two people to work at once. It’s all about embracing the room’s space and truly loving every area of your minimal office.

When in doubt, of what to bring to a minimal office, bring in one desk and have it work double. A singular desk that is wide enough can work for two people. It’s all about embracing the room’s aesthetic and ensuring you can fit a big enough desk in the room. Having one desk work double the amount works great for those that don’t have much space yet have to work with a spouse at the same time. Furthermore, it enables you to have your favorite materials in one space without overcrowding the area.

When it comes to your office what items must you have? Share with us below.


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