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Artelinea Vanity – new Metafora classy two-legged vanity

Artelinea Metafora vanity on two legs
The stately Metafora vanity from Artelinea is ideal for powder rooms or bathrooms with refined taste. Mounted against the wall on two elegantly shaped legs, the Metafora Vanity stands out as an object with panache. Gleaming in black or white, the vanity has a classic/neutral style that can be combined with other decor elements to take it further into the past, or into the future. You may also choose from an integral sink shaped into the smooth glass wet top, or a separate sink installed in a position where it comes higher than the level of the countertop for extra definition. A contrasting top, such as the burnished ochre shown here, can add an extra dimension of style. The sliding drawer incorporated into the front of the vanity represents both craftsmanship and convenience. From Artelinea, Metafora embodies modern Italian design.
Artelinea Metafora vanity shown with a sink

Artelinea Metafora vanity in white with a sliding drawer


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