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Mesmerizing outdoor kitchen ideas to Inspire your next big renovation

The hotter it gets, the more time we want to spend outside. Whether that is swimming in a pool, sitting and enjoying the summer heat, or simply being outside, there’s something about summer that just feels oh so right. With that being said, who doesn’t love cooking outside? Something about a grilled anything, just tastes better. Keeping that in mind, here are mesmerizing outdoor kitchens that are too good to be true, yet being an abundance of inspiration to anyone looking to get a little creative.

Fancy Pavilion

Give your pavilion a more luxurious feel by adding a TV. The simple act of bringing a television can make any space feel luxurious and modern.

Being under the sun is all fun and games until it gets too hot and you’re ready to go inside. Instead of going inside consider building and outdoor pantry pavilion. Doing so not only enables you to want to spend more time outdoors. but you will have a comfortable space where you will have your favorite food to eat without having to go inside on a constant basis. Work in a stool or two and you will have the perfect seating space.

Outdoor pizza oven

It’s all about having that bold pizza oven to make a statement. Consider having it become the boldest aspect of the space for that traditional feel.

Okay, who doesn’t love a good brick oven pizza?! Not only do they taste better, but they’re authentic and delicious. If your outdoor space allows it to bring in a large outdoor pizza oven and make it the staple. Pair it with other cooking accessories and bring a little bit of authentic Italy right to your humble abode.

Keep it Simple

Keeping the seating, simple and chic by having a table and a few stools for that contemporary touch that still seamless.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to create an extravagant/lavish outdoor space, some of us simply want a space where we can enjoy a nice meal with family and friends. If that is the case, bring in a luxury grill and pair it with simple seating. The contrast between the two will give you that welcoming appeal that simple yet charming and chic.

Shabby Chic

Add a few plants to your shabby chic display to further showcase the natural aspect of the kitchen. It’s all about going as contrasting as possible.

Shabby kitchens are back on trend and we are truly obsessed. The key to working with a shabby chic outdoor kitchen is bringing the rustic. You want to go as rustic as possible with just a hint of whitewashed brick for that aged look that feels modern yet shabby all at once. Consider working with as much brick as possible for that contrasting approach.

Full-on Kitchen

Complete your kitchen with a sink and stove for that complete feel that’s beautiful yet makes perfect sense to the room.

When we think of an outdoor kitchen many of us think of a grill and maybe even some seating but why not go all out? Why not have our entire kitchen mimicked outdoors? Furthermore, we are speaking about having a full-on stove, grill, oven pizza oven, and seating. Creating an entire kitchen allows you to get creative while having fun items outdoors.

Stylish Bar

Bring in as many bar elements as possible to create a fun cohesive atmosphere.

Okay, so you might not want to have a full-on outdoor kitchen, but why not have a bar? Who doesn’t love a good outdoor bar? This is perfect for those that love to entertain their guests at their home or want to have an outdoor space they can make their drinks often without having to go inside on a constant basis. It’s all about making your bar look and feel as stocked as possible without taking too much of your décor away from what the space has to offer.

Built-in Grill & Sink

Add stainless steel elements to your grill for that ultra-modern take that enables the room to feel chic and engaging.

Stone is not only a classic element to have outdoors, but it’s the perfect staple element when you want to bring in a grill, sink, and fridge that is placed in a sturdy display. Consider working with a counter display that has a built-in grill with a sink so you can cook everything you need directly outdoors without having to even consider going back inside. It’s a perfect win-win for all.

Chic yet Modern

There’s something about a black display that makes any room feel new and fresh with an edge every time. Pair it with a fireplace for a big display of modern.

Just because your outdoor kitchen will be outside, does not mean it can’t be a daring aspect. Work with dark wood for a modern yet glamorous twist and pair it with blond wood countertops. The contrast alone makes a beautiful display that enhances the space. Keep it minimal for the perfect contrasting approach that allows the wood elements to be the main focus.

Next to the Pool

Make your outdoor kitchen feel luxurious by having it displayed directly in front of the pool for a daring touch that is mesmerizing to the eye.

If you have always wanted a pool look no further! Examine the space you have and build around it. Build around it by allowing your pool space to become the complementary element to your eating space. Having a kitchen next to the pool is perfect when you want to have a vacation-like vibe. Add stools to your kitchen and bring it full circle, your house is sure to become the next hit on the block!


Keep everything luxurious yet easy on the eye by using only elements that are chic and minimal all at once.

Adding an outdoor kitchen does not need to be a huge project, it can be a simple space where you cook your favorite Summer dishes and sit back to enjoy the sunset. Keeping it minimal is one of the best ways to do just that. Add in a well-equipped kitchen and blend in a simple table with a chair or two not only will the space be minimal, but it will feel quiet and charming all at once. It’s the perfect way of creating a space that’s simple yet feels fresh every time.

An outdoor kitchen could be the perfect space where you can relax and feel on vacation no matter the time of day. Share with us, which of these kitchens are you most interested in trying to recreate on your own.



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