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Master Bathroom Redecorating Ideas

The master bedroom is one of the most private places of a home, therefore, it deserves to be a show-stopper that makes you want to relax and unwind from your busy day. After all, if you want to create a space that works with your space and showcases your personality. Here are a few show-stopping master bedroom redecorating ideas to inspire your next renovation.

Bold Statement Tub

A statement bathtub is great when you want that focus in a bathroom will brighten up the space in a mom traditional manner. Use a few pieces that bring focus to the bathtub. This will allow the main focus to always revolve around the stand alone tub. Take it step further and consider a uniquely shaped tub. 

Showstopping is exactly what you want when you work in a bold statement tub. Keep the walls and décor neutral to allow your tub to be the focal point it was intended to make.

Pattern Flooring

Not only are checked flooring tiles intricate and trendy but they also have a vintage touch that is undeniable. Pair with a black and white standalone tub to match your flooring with your decor. Add other black and white decor to keep it full circle and seamless.

Keep your entire bathroom white, but add a pop of color and pattern with a textured, patterned floor. Doing so bring that bold uniqueness to your room with little to no additional decorating pieces. A checked pattern is eye-catching while having little to no added color, perfect for a simple white bathroom.

Dark Hues

If you don’t want to add all dark hues to your bathroom yet want that bit of richness that is also edgy, add one or two dark vanities. Doing so brings the richer, edgier feel to the bathroom while still allowing the space to have an airy feel to it.

Dark hues are perfect for an elegant touch of beauty that is sleek and sexy. Add a dark cabinetry that compliments the space paired with a few touches of metallic to bring everything together in a seamless manner. Ensure you have natural lighting to allow the room to have breathing room.


Add a rich wallpaper with one or two hues that work well with the decor you already have going on. This will work well with your flooring and the rest of your decor while bringing in a contemporary touch that is still simple. Add dark wood to bring that asymmetrical feel in the space.

Wallpaper on the walls is excellent for bringing that rich touch of pattern that flows throughout the room without having it be a part of your flooring. Use a wallpaper with rich, vivid hues and allow it to be the main statement of the room. Therefore, you want to have a neutral décor for the rest of the space.

Keep it Glam

For that glamorous space that is still chic with a bit of feminine add a chandelier with a few metallic touches. If you have a neutral space adding metallic bits will bring color without disrupting your current decor. Consider having bits of pattern while allowing your chandelier to be the focal point of the bathroom.

Glamorize the space by adding a chandelier or two and pairing it with black and white touches. Having a glamorous space can be the perfect way to relax and have a uniform look. The chandeliers will bring in lighting while shaving that upscale feel. Consider black chandeliers for an edgy approach to a glam look.


A fireplace is perfect for the bathroom when you want an intimate feel that makes the space feel put together yet sensible and even a bit romantic. Pair with a neutral palette to allow the fireplace to make the area feel well-rounded and chic.

Who would think a fireplace would look amazing the bathroom? We do! We love the idea of a fireplace in the bathroom due to its relaxing feature. A bold fireplace near your tub can bring you directly to your happy place and even help you save on energy because it warms up the space naturally.

Gray Bathroom

A gray palette is perfect when you have a smaller master bathroom, due to its expanding ability. The color is light, elegant and chic while still having a relaxing effect. You may even want to consider having an all tile space from top to bottom for a modern touch and pair it with white touches here and there.

If you want a bathroom that is classic and simple with a hint of personality, a gray bathroom is a way to go. The color is soft yet versatile which means it brings that personality feature forward being a main focus. Pair with neutral elements or patterned pieces.

Nautical Touches

Creating a nautical atmosphere is easier then one would think. The key is working with dark navy hues and pairing them with blonde wood, or plank wood for that nautical touch that is timeless. Pair with a few patterned pieces that resemble a classic nautical feel.

No matter where you live, anyone can make good use of a nautical bathroom. A nautical bathroom brings summer vibes directly to your personal space. Use shades of navy, white and beige to achieve the look with little to no effort. You may even want to add nautical touches here and there to truly represent the theme you are trying to achieve.

White and Brown

White and brown decor doesn’t always have to be stark white and dark brown it can be any shade of white with wooden furniture. The richness of the wood will bring that darker element. Meanwhile, the white will provide that seamless approach that works beautifully in a master bathroom.

White and brown is a grounding color palette which works well when you want to add a soft palette that lets you add as many accent hues or decorative pieces you would like. Consider pops of color or even pattern for a seamless approach.

Cozy and Relaxing

Cozy and relaxed is the perfect way to get your master bedroom to be one of your favorite space in the home. Add a stool or a chair to bring in that soothing effect that is long lasting and allows you to have a multipurpose space. 

Creating a cozy and relaxing may be easier than you think. Pair soothing colors with soft pieces so the space remains cohesive and beautiful throughout. The idea is to create a seamless space that works yet brings that relaxing atmosphere.

Rustic Appeal

Rustic is cozy which is perfect when you want a more natural approach towards Wood is the element that must be utilized multiple times around the home to create that natural rustic approach in your bathroom. Consider a round tub to pair well dark mahogany wood.

Rustic is big in any area because of how welcoming it feels. Use darker hues and wood to bring in the rustic touch, but in a smaller manner. Doing so brings the beauty and appeal while still being put together and relaxing. A complete space that makes you feel right where you want to be.

Your master bathroom deserves to be your personal retreat, the perfect space where you can remove the stress of the day. Therefore, consider using these ideas to upgrade your space. Which of these has inspired you to redecorate your bathroom? Please let us know below.


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