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Marcello Ziliani Bubble Chair from Sintesi

The Bubble Chair designed by Marcello Ziliani for Sintesi has a futuristic asymmetrical design. All in one, a great furniture piece to fit into any modern room. It relays on a steel and techno-polymer structure. Combined these materials form a perfect bubble shape. If you look closer, you may notice that even though it seems made out of two different parts, those pieces are actually identical. The secret of such an appearance is the relative positioning of the two components. Clever, isn’t it? While the outer shell is made of technopolymer, the interior is covered in fabric. That may be what determined the name of this chair: the Bubble Soft. Several color combinations are possible, all black, all white or a mix: white and black and vice versa. Be sure to check the Bubble Chair out at Sintesi right now.



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