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Eclectic High Back Chairs – Majestic Turquoise Armchair by Collection Alexandra

Looking for a unique, luxury eclectic high back chair? How about this majestic turquoise throne Troyano by Collection Alexandra? Part of the new gorgeous interiors collection by the Spanish company, this amazing chair was presented at the Habitat Fair Valencia 2011. Its dramatic demeanor and bright color undoubtedly deem it a statement piece – one that would be best suited for a modernized classic setting, but not suited for the weak of heart. It screams with a royal glamor but with the right surroundings it can easily be stylishly elegant or hip and eclectic. Even with such a strong visual presence and imposing characteristics like its color and crazy high back, the chair is surprisingly quite versatile. We are just tickled pink by this chair, aren’t you? Go to Collection Alexandra to discover more.



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