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Luxury Underground Mansion in England with waterslide feature

Located in Bowdon, England, this cool futuristic house designed by an architectural firm Neil Collins Homes certainly raises architecture to new heights – or, in this particular case, to new depths. Among its intricate landscaping and secluded, treed grounds, all that’s visible of this unusual home is its large circular skylight, which is mysteriously set into the earth. Here’s a sneak peek into this underground home design.

Like its exterior, the ultra modern interiors seem to focus around this overhead bright spot – all you need to do is glance upward to catch a glimpse of the blue sky and treetops. The indoors are exactly what you might expect on first glance: a circular floor plan radiating out from the central skylight, with finishes in rich wood and a cool, clean palette of white to lighten up this subterranean haven. It’s amazing how bright and airy the home is, in spite of its buried placement.
Only the bedroom evokes that dark, sheltered feeling, purposely done to offer privacy and a quiet place for rest and relaxation.
Still looking for that wow factor? Check it out: Made for pleasure and play, this resort style house has it all, from its wonderfully open layout made for socializing and parties (if you’re lucky enough to score an invitation!), to the mind blowing water feature complete with whirlpool and waterslide, which surely make this hidden hotspot the envy of the whole neighborhood. That is, to those who even know it’s there. Perhaps the secret of this house is what adds to its appeal!
This luxury home is for sale with a £2 million price tag.
Architects: Neil Collins Homes
via Gizmodo


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