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Luxury Tile: artistic design tile from Steuler Fliesen

Constantly chasing the newest trends and styles, Steuler Fliesen offers new dramatic luxury tiles that capture the very best of current cutting-edge designs. Luxurious finishes and exotic patterns give these artistic tiles a sophisticated elegance and sharp style. With a constantly updated product range, Steuler Fliesen offers modern design tiles that can transform plain rooms into designer dreams. Perfect for updating your bathroom this luxury tile adds contemporary gilt and glamour. Steuler Fliesen new ideas, new designs, and new trends transform their tiles and your home into high class luxury.
Wild Thing Daktari luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen – Animal Print
Dramatic and bold, the animal prints of the Wild Thing Daktari tile makes a designer fashion statement. Once the trophy of big game hunters, animal prints have long been a symbol of luxury and high class refinement. Available in zebra, giraffe, and leopard patterns, the Wild Thing Daktari artistic tiles capture the rich natural beauty of Africa. An adventurous choice, the Wild Thing Daktari tiles have a rugged independence and exotic vibrancy. A fantastic accent for white and cream classical ceramics, these beautiful tiles make any room into a designer showcase. A brilliant artistic tile range from Steuler Fliesen, the Wild Thing Daktari tiles add a glamorous sophistication and fashionable confidence.
Wild Thing Colonial Gold luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen – Cosmopolitan
Full of expressive charm, the Wild Thing Colonial Gold Tile brings a cosmopolitan style and glamour. Highlighted with gold accents the African inspired Wild Thing Colonial Gold designs blend old world with new. The stylised zebra print has a sophisticated elegance delicately accented with small gold patterns. A designer tile ideal for framing key bathroom fixtures, the undulating gold lines gleam and glitter with luxury. With a rich global character, the Wild Thing Colonial Gold artistic tile has a powerful elegance and individual finesse that defines bathroom designs. A stunning addition that bring the adventure of safari home, the Wild Thing Colonial Gold Tile by Steuler Fliesen combines luxury with the exotic.
Wild Thing Massai luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen – African Motifs
With a rich blaze of earthen colours, the Wild Thing Massai Tiles celebrate the rich cultures of Africa. Inspired by traditional motifs, Steuler Fliesen reinterprets these images for a contemporary flavour. A style popular in current furnishing, the African motifs and colours bring the Wild Thing Massai Tiles a warmth and beauty. Created by sprinkling colourful glass granulate over the tile surface, the Massai tiles have a unique character. With a strong linear motif, the tiles can create dynamic bands of textured colour. A dramatic background for minimalist fixtures and basins, the Wild Thing Massai Tiles add a decorative beauty inspired by African love and life.
Gold luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen – Real Gold on Tiles
Finally for the ultimate in high glass and luxury, the Steuler Fliesen Gold Tile gilds your room in the golden glow of precious metal. Not only is gold a visible sign of affluence and life style, but the brilliant warm shine adds a timeless glamour. An avant-garde collection, the Steuler Fliesen Gold Tile creates eye-catching interiors for prestigious living. Available for both wall and floor installations, Gold Tiles create mosaic surfaces that reflect light around the room. From floor to ceiling, the gold finished design tiles provide a luxurious backdrop and contrast for designer fixtures. Combining minimalism and opulence, the Steuler Fliesen Gold Tile blends traditional decoration with today’s contemporary designs.
A fantastic new product that captures the latest tile trends, the Steuler Fliesen Wild Thing tiles makes a stunning and dramatic impact on modern bathroom designs. Beautiful designer tiles with a global appeal, the Wild Thing collection adds vibrant character to modern tile. Celebrating African culture and wildlife and accenting these ethnic patterns with glamorous gold tiles, Steuler Fliesen creates artistic tile masterpieces.


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