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Luxury Suspension Lighting from Quasar – Royal BB by Edward van Vliet

Luxury suspension lighting from Quasar - Royal BB in red
The splendour of a home often lies in the small, but important details such as stunning lighting elements… like the Royal BB from Quasar. This luxury suspension lighting by Edward van Vliet is a deeply opulent solution bound to arouse your guests’ curiosity. Enlighten them by explaining the Royal BB comes from a young, vibrant company based is the Netherlands producing highly unusual and exclusive designs, often exploiting the elemental beauty of glass. Truly embracing the stately elegance of glass, the chandeliers go one step further – adorning the spherical forms with gold patterns, or leaving them plain, but accenting the look with gold fittings. A perfect addition to your home before the Christmas entertaining season, the rich look is suitable for all year round. Contact Quasar to learn more about the Royal BB.
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Royal BB detail
Royal BB in black
Royal BB in gold


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