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Luxury Dining Room Ideas by Cattelan Italia

A lingering hint of contemporary gothic pervades these luxury dining room ideas by Cattelan Italia. Black and white color schemes throughout simply demand attention… hints of sparkle add glitz and glamour. Imposing chairs and large tables offer an unexpected combination of angles and curves; the jutting metallic legs of the furniture are topped with ball-shaped protuberances. But this is a very modern gothic concept – each dining room decor idea offers startling contrasts. In the first look, it is the nature references that catch you off guard. A long painting of a reptile and a poised-to-pinch crab sculpture add an element of danger. Next, a huge black and white photo portrait contrasts with the highly ornate, delicately sculpted ceiling. Elegant, contemporary crystal chandeliers deliver a dazzling, heavy opulence to the dining rooms. Decor that is once seen and never forgotten… we love the dramatic impact and tantalising detailing.
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