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Dangerous Curve: Relaxer One Rocking Chair by Verner Panton

The Relaxer One Rocking Chair by Verner Panton was first released in Germany in 1974 in very limited numbers. Those low production numbers helped create an extremely robust resale market, as demand very much outstripped supply. Enter NORR11, a German-Danish furniture manufacturer, who collaborated with the Panton estate recently to re-release this incredible rocker. Because of the single, sweeping curve – the chair is ergonomically fitted to any body size or posture. But it’s really no surprise that the work of Panton is so highly praised (and coveted) – he was one of the top designers to emerge during the “Danish Golden Age”. The base is American white oak, and the removable covers are available in top quality fabrics or leather. And here’s a clever touch – each chair is individually numbered, so you know you’ve just bought a future collectable. But not just a shot in the dark – this chair has everything it needs to reach that status: strong history, good design and magnificent comfort. With one luxurious curve, Panton turned a chair into a rocking retreat that you never want to leave. And therein lies the danger.

More information: NORR11


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