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Soft Glow Lighting – indistinguishable lamps by In-Es

What appears to be a labeled wine bottle is actually a soft glow lighting fixture where the label serves as an on/off switch operated with a simple touch – smart, and stylish! Italian lighting company In-Es has done the impossible with its Luce Liquida lamps – it has managed to put a light in a bottle! Well, that’s the idea anyway, with these modern Moon-inspired table lamps that will provide a soft glow at your party table, enhancing the mood. The fixtures are made of a unique material ‘nebulite’, giving it a very organic, Moon-like textured look. While it’s amazing how a laser-carved label doubles as the intensity switch … not the least intriguing is the fact that the core material is named the same as the Transformers’ Nebulite – “a very durable metal, presumably exclusive to the planet Nebulos”. Coincidence or not, the science fiction flavor fits right in. If anything, it helps explaining the collection name – ‘Luce Liquida’ stands for liquid light, in English. The lamps come in different shapes, sizes and colors, great in groupings or standing solo. Check out this unique, quirky lighting by visiting In-Es.



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