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This Living Room in Green and White is so Uplifting

This living room in green and white is very uplifting in style. The green is so vibrant, you feel like you’re outside without even leaving the house. Designed by Turkel Design and Lindal Cedar Homes – this private residence is in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. It’s not every day you see green (and we mean green) Togo sofas, they dominate the entire space. But they do look wonderful against the contrasting white carpet. The home has lots of open space and high ceilings, allowing it to carry such brightly colored furniture without overwhelming the room. And the open wall to the exterior blurs the inside/outside delineation. The white Barcelona chairs are a particularly nice touch, they almost blend seamlessly into the background and they match the white rug. The green of the sofa is picked up in the distance in the vegetation but we can imagine this house in the spring, when the entire outdoors is alive with the same green as the couch. It’s a bold design move, choosing a color this bright but it works like a charm.

Via: HomeAdore


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