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Living room decorating ideas you’ll want in your home ASAP

You spend a lot of time in your living room watching tv, hanging out with family and friends and relaxing; therefore, the room not only needs to look good, but it needs to feel like home- personal, fun and engaging. However, creating that space can be difficult, in order to do just that you want to reconsider the way your décor is displayed. We have put together a guide to ensure you have a stylish, designer ready living room that will make you want to stay in your living room a little bit longer.

Bring Color to the Floor

Add matching hues to enhance the appeal of your rug, right where you need it.

If you have white walls, neutral sofas, and even nude additional décor, it’s time to bring the run to your floor. Adding fun to your floor involves bringing bold hues such as red, blue, pink, yellow and orange and displaying them throughout the bottom half of your décor. We love the idea of using a rug as your main color palette. Doing so allows you to have just the right amount of décor right where you need it.

Redefine the New Neutrals

If you’re not a fan of having fun neutrals as a statement consider having them as accents throughout the room.

Neutrals have always been on trend, and they always will. There is something about having neutrals in the home that allows you to have a well-balanced display. However, they’re no longer the same hues we have all been used to. Neutrals are now bolder, daring and fresh- that is where dusty rose, gemstone green, and navy come into play. They’re still under the neutrals umbrella, but they possess something new and fresh that is oh so IN.

Go for a Bold Wallpaper

Make a grand statement by having a wallpaper created out of shapes for a grand statement without much color or texture needed.

Wallpaper is one of those trends that will continue to be on trend while evolving time and time again. While last year we saw a rise in floral wallpapers this year its all about color and boldness. The bolder the wallpaper the better, it’s all about making the living room look like a masterpiece while being warm and soothing. Furthermore, its about making the room have a cozy appeal while having the wallpaper become the main focus of the space. Go for a wallpaper with a bold hue and even grander contrasting bits.

Statement Lighting

Add matching lamps to make metal pop against your current decor. Furthermore, it adds a cohesive appeal that makes sense with the rest of the decor.

Before you begin decorating your home you want to know your area and what your home should look like in your eyes. The key is adding key elements that enhance the room’s overall appeal without changing your décor’s overall aesthetic. For a glamorous approach, add brass fixtures that are calming yet brighten the room in an overall manner. You want the lights to be as daring yet calming as possible.

Groom Your Fireplace

For a sleek, groomed fireplace consider marble. Marble is great to create an appealing, yet romantic atmosphere.

Most fireplaces tend to look the same in most homes. This is mainly due to the idea of fireplaces being useful for one thing only- heating up the home. While this is true, it is no longer the only reason, fireplaces are becoming staples in the living room; therefore, you want to groom them. The idea is to upgrade their look while giving them a brightening effect, whether you use a wallpaper, or you want them that’s up to you.

Mix & Match Patterns

When in doubt add pattern as part of your windows for a brightening effect that still makes sense in the room.

Patterns are here to stay, so mixing and matching them is the way to go. You want to select two or more patterns in the same color wave to create a cohesive approach. The key is having your patterns displayed at the same time to create a welcoming approach. Furthermore, use a statement solid hue to ensure the room doesn’t feel overwhelming in any way.

Pick Good Seating

Add textured throw pillows for a beautiful pairing to your sofa that adds to your level of comfort.

The living room is all about comfort, the more comfortable your décor is the better! That is where having good seating will come into play. Whether you use a few chairs or a sofa you want to have good seating. We love the idea of having a large sofa as your comfort piece that makes sense to the room in an overall manner.

Adopt a Plant

Keep your plants in a corner to create a more rounded approach. You want the room to appear more put together and sleek while having color and appeal.

A plant is always a good idea, this is mainly due to how much color it naturally brings into the room. Consider adopting a plant to make the room feel more rounded while being a key element to the space. Furthermore, you want your plan to be big and daring, while still being pretty and engaging. You want the best of the best in the room.

Hang a Chair

Match the rest of your decor with a hanging chair to ensure your decor makes the room feel expansive and fresh.

Why have a simple seat, and accent chair when you can hang a chair instead. Having a hanging chair brings you a modern touch that makes the room come back to life with a playful twist. They’re the perfect blend between cozy and cool while still being easy to decorate around.

Build a Home Bar

Match your bar to the rest of your home to make it as seamless as possible. The key is using similar colors for a beautiful pairing.

Having a home bar is a great idea. It allows you to have enough room for entertainment while still flowing well with your décor. Think of it as one of the best forms of adding depth, beauty, and texture right where you want and need it. Furthermore, it makes the room feel sleeker and more elevated than the rest of your home.

How do you decorate your living room? Please share with us your ideas below.


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